April 2020's Featured Artists...

After over 4,000 votes we are SO excited to reveal your top 10 artists AND 11 pieces that will be featured in our April 2020 General Conference Workbook! (Yes, we couldn't help ourselves and snuck one more in there!) You'll have a chance to get to know the artists a bit more throughout the workbook and see these pieces truly come to life while you prepare and gain ALL you can from a "general conference unlike any other"!

Wonder of love - Danielle Harding_SMALL.

Wonder of Love

"In this painting I envisioned the Savior's matchless love and rescuing power extended to every soul ever to be born.  His infinite Atonement can save and heal a soul at any age and any station in life."

Danielle Campbell


Nauvoo Temple

"It seemed fitting to create a Nauvoo
Temple piece to commemorate the Restoration. I imagine the excitement and majesty it would have brought to their hearts. I wanted this piece to have an older feel, to remind us of what the Nauvoo temple could have looked like in that day, framed by soft prairie flowers."

Mandy Jane Williams

affinity edit - Sam Newton_SMALL.jpg

Tangible Light

“Christ is the Son, and our Sun: the giver of life and light. The vibrant yellow illustrates this tangible warm light. Yellow also symbolizes clarity, power, courage, abundance, faith, and fulfillment—all things that the revealed truths of the restored gospel provide us.”

Samantha Newton

Room to Grow

“I painted this after witnessing a sapling growing out of a mighty trunk in Costa Rica… We might be a small force, but we have an incredible foundation, and there is only growth ahead.”

Jenedy Paige

_IGP1391 copy - PaintingwiththePetersons

First Vision

"I feel as though Joseph Smith understood at a young age where he came from and that he was a spiritual being and could receive revelation. He longed for answers as we all do. I wanted to capture his youth, and let the gesture and the light capture the event."

Justine Peterson

Child of God, Ask of God

“Joseph Smith was an elect son of God sent to earth in this dispensation to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Aren’t each of us elect as well? Filled with divine potential at this appointed time to continue the work of the Restoration on earth?”

Patti Christensen

brightnessandglory - Janelle Susan Cunni

Brightness & Glory

"As someone who has struggled with dyslexia, words do not come to me easily.Painting is how I can share my testimony, and honor the things that mean so much to me. It is with this painting that I share my testimony of Joseph Smith."

Janelle Cunningham

Beckon Study - PaintingwiththePetersons_


“Joseph Smith [was] beckoned by the spirit to seek answers about his own standing with God and where to go from there. We all look for those answers in our lives and we all can find our Savior Jesus Christ.”

Justine Peterson


Above the Brightness of the Sun

"While Painting the Sacred Grove, I had a lot of time to reflect on what happened there and how it changed the future, forever. About the struggles and hardships it brought, the persecution, and towns destroyed. I also thought about all the miracles, the lives that were changed, the hope that was given, the families and friendships that were formed, and the power of Heaven it brought to the Earth."

Morgan Castell

F1A5BC43-72AE-4131-A117-42705E8C7A4A - A

Heavenly Parents, Heavenly Child

"They want us to know - now more than ever - where we came from... [and] that we are beloved. We are Theirs. Our first and forever relationship is to our Heavenly Parents - as Their Heavenly Child."

Amber Eldredge

IMG_2974 - Jed Rhien_SMALL.jpg

Mountain of the Lord

"This painting is my testimony of the restoration. It is symbolic of our ascent to be close to God when we go to the "Mountain of the Lord.” The feelings of hope, newness, and fresh courage that we can take away as we attend the temple are all themes of this work."

Jedediah Rhien

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