Designed with

young listeners

in mind.

Available on Monday, August 24th!

Our October 2020 General Conference Workbooks will be available to purchase starting on Monday, August 24th.


Meet the


Vânia Sacramento is a professional Portuguese illustrator that loves children illustration. She began painting as a child and always studied Arts at school. She attended the studio of a renowned Portuguese painter as an apprentice for several years before going to a university. There, she studied textile design and graduated in Interior Design in 2013.

In 2007 she and her boyfriend were called to serve a mission in the same mission - Porto, Portugal. They never saw each other during the mission. Today they are married and live with their son in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Keeping young minds engaged and little hands reverent.


Print as many copies as you need!

A download kit is included with every purchase of a children's workbook, but you can also purchase it separately if you prefer to print yourself! Print more copies for younger siblings or save them for a Family Home Evening or Sunday activity. 

"My 9-year old was so focused on conference and loved doing all of the activities and drawings along the way. Really appreciate this book!"


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