Honoring women in our community for their mighty works of faith, love, and sacrifice.
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    You nominate...

    We invite you to prayerfully nominate a woman you know to receive love and support from the Work + Wonder community because of their "mighty works".

    This can mean works of faith through an ongoing or unexpected trial, works of endless sacrifice through the journey of motherhood, or works of humility and selflessness as they continue to serve those around them. This is our opportunity to stand with them as a sisterhood and bear them up along their journey.

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    3% of sales...

    Every six months we gather 3% of all sales from the Work + Wonder shop to support and honor the women nominated.


    We will use the funds to curate packages for the women selected. Their gift will be personally curated to fit their specific needs at that time. It may include monetary support, a compilation of products to uplift and inspire, arrangements for a date night, a night to herself, etc.! We work closely with the submitter to discover how best we can honor and support each selected woman.

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    We honor...

    Just before each general conference, the Work + Wonder team carefully and prayerfully selects several women from the list of nominations to be honored.

    We love to involve the community by inviting them to send in personal notes to these women, pray for them by name, and join in a community fast in their honor!

    Read their stories below and respond with a message of love, hope, and encouragement! Help our sisters to remember that they are not alone in their journey back home.

"We're all just walking each other home."

Artwork by Caitlin Connolly

Mighty Sister  #1

I have watched her fight some tough battles over the past year. She has always struggled with anxiety and depression, but all of her personal struggles were heightened when her husband's brain cancer returned last fall after a five year remission. She has lovingly cared for him through his chemotherapy, and has held things together for her young kids for the past 9 months. She broke, though, this summer. She went to a dark place and contemplated taking her life. We were able to get her the medical help she needed and realized that with all the focus on her husband and his very visible battle, we needed to also focus on her and her quiet one. We needed to love her better. With some rest and the right medical help, she is back in the fight. She has her struggles, but she has SO much faith and keeps going. I'm awed by her bravery.

She is mighty because, when facing everyone's worst nightmare, she keeps her faith and keeps going. 

Mighty Sister  #2

She married young and supported her husband through school. she put off getting her education to support him and have children. He then cheated on her multiple times and married one of the women he cheated on her with and it destroyed her family. For years she’s been a single mom of 4 kids trying to navigate life while her children are torn between both parents. She’s had a faith crisis, lost a brother to suicide and her father died last year. She has suffered with anxiety and depression her entire life. She has survived a couple attempts of suicide herself. She is brave. She is strong. She is a warrior and a survivor and keeps serving. Loving. Forgiving and seeking Jesus. Through all of this she is getting her education too and she’s gotten honor roll grades in college. Her ex husband just served her papers for full custody of her kids, but she’s working through it. She could use prayers, fasting and the strength and power of women. 


She is mighty because gets up everyday putting one foot in front of the other serving, loving, forgiving and caring for others even while she suffers. 

Mighty Sister  #3

She is known for always put others needs before her own. A year ago she lost the love of her life and then 5 short months after that she experienced a stroke that has made life a little more difficult. She is unable to serve like she used to, but she still strives to uplift and serve anyone that crosses her path. 


She is mighty because she always puts others needs before her own even when life's storms try to drag her down. 

Mighty Sister  #4

My dear friend is so strong and stalwart. She is a military spouse and their family has served for years. Before moving last year, she had been apart from her husband for 18 months while he was away on trainings and deployments. While he is back with their family now, due to health issues he has needed to change his job within the Army and this has caused some heartache and adjustment for them. She also is constantly managing her type 1 diabetes without complaint. 


Her heart has been so heavy for her children, with the fallout from COVID-19. They were just starting to make friends after their move here when they had to go into quarantine and are dealing with lots of loneliness. While they are so glad to have their dad back home it is always a huge adjustment to reintegrate a service member back into the family and that change has been stressful to them as well.

She teaches early morning seminary via zoom and serves in other callings. I have seen her give of herself over and over again even when she’s running on empty. She is the kindest friend and often shares her testimony with others, both online through social media and very naturally in person. 


She is mighty because she spends her time serving people of all ages, and inviting them to follow Christ.

Mighty Sister  #5

This is an amazingly resilient young woman who has been through a lot in her few years. Starting when she was 8 years old she has now lost nearly all of the family members who have taken care of her. She has lived with the two remaining family members she was raised around, who have both been in and out of the hospital throughout this year. Covid has complicated matters for her as she hasn't been able to visit them in the hospital. She was taken in by a family in her ward for most of the spring/summer and eventually moved out of state to live with an aunt. She found out just yesterday that one of the two remaining family members passed away. Throughout all of the dysfunction and trial of loss in her family, she has continually showed up and had hope. 


She is mighty because she has relied on faith, strength and love during uncertain and lonely times of her life. 

Mighty Sister  #6

She has so much faith.  She was one of the first people to join the church in her home country, despite opposition from her family, and having to travel over an hour each way to get to church. 

Since moving to another country she has learned the language, has enrolled in school and is learning traditional arts of the country, and trying to support her husband because his hours at work have been cut. They are waiting for permanent citizenship.

Despite her challenges she is always checking on me and my kids, and she supported me through a very serious bout of depression and anxiety, despite dealing with her own depression from her circumstances.  


She is mighty because she shares love with everyone she encounters, and has the faith to keep going when it would be easier to give up, or walk away from her faith.

Mighty Sister  #7

She is a wife and mother of a young family. She has four children under 7. Her husband works a job that doesn’t allow for much time off, so she has the responsibilities of home as well as yard and garden on her shoulders much of the time. She has been a sweet, loving example to the young women, taking her children with her to attend track meets, plays, and concerts of the young women to support them. She also suffers with rheumatoid arthritis, which can make her days a challenge. She never complains, just worries if she’s doing enough for the Young Women, for her children, for her husband, and in the gospel. 


She is mighty because her commitment to living as a disciple of Christ is an inspiration to her children, the Young Women, and her neighbors and family.


I am so humbled with the response to our first ever #HerMightyWorks! It was even more unifying than I imagined to gather as a sisterhood to HONOR, LIFT, LOVE, and SUPPORT our sisters who are quietly performing mighty works everyday.

I truly believe our potential is limitless when we come together to lift and serve our fellow sisters. This is what it's all about. THIS is how we become His hands on earth, when we seek to ease the burdens of those around us, bear each other up, and give because we have been given much. Thank you for being the first and having faith in this new chapter of W+W! We can't wait to see what it blossoms in to! Help up spread the word with hashtag #hermightyworks!

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