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Prayerfully curated and intentionally designed products, content, and community that support women on their path of discipleship.

Work + Wonder is a company of women who are passionate about detail and discipleship. We are united in the purpose of serving our Heavenly Father and His daughters. Our products, content, and online community have been prayerfully curated and intentionally designed to empower women as they study and savor the gospel.

We want to help women in the Church lay a foundation of faith by providing them with gospel-related resources so that when questions, doubts, and hardship arise, they are equipped and familiar with personal revelation, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, gospel study, and community support.

I've always known that the greatest source of happiness—the real and lasting kind—is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But as I fought negativity and self-doubt and a constant pull for my time and attention in every direction, I was easily distracted from this truth. So I took a leap of faith, called it Work + Wonder, and pursued a vision of creating products to help women engage in the work daily and marvel at the wonders of His gospel.

I am humbled to be an instrument in his hands in both parenting and seeing this brand and community grow! I was not called to this work because I am an expert, but because I trusted He had something marvelous in store for this space. We all have a mission—a unique path before us—but we were not meant to travel it alone. I'm so happy you're here!

xo, Rio


Where my passion for design meets my devotion to God.





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