A Living Witness of The Living Christ

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ONE || How have I exercised diligence in living the "doctrine of Christ"? Since we began home study of Come, Follow Me eighteen months ago, and again since we've been teaching and learning exclusively within the walls of our homes, I've noticed that my personal diligence in living the gospel has increased. I find myself especially invested in teaching my children, serving others, and accepting the teachings and challenges of our church leaders. Specifically, I've found that I'm journaling, reading scriptures, studying the words of the prophets. I'm consuming wholesome media and rejecting media which chases away the Spirit. In our home, I'm teaching my children the stories and principles in the scriptures, and looking for ways to serve those around me daily. Diligence in the doctrine of Christ is an adaptable concept, and we each do what we can in the context of our situations. Take a look at your personal habits, your teaching methods for your children, your marriage, your home, your ministry. Begin pondering your diligence in those areas.

TWO || In what ways have I found the atonement to be personalized and intimate? In reviewing the plain and precious truths of the atonement that Elder Causse lists in his talk, I was able to ponder how, although the atonement is universal and inclusive, it is also something I can partake of as if it was just for me. I know that as I navigate motherhood, past trauma, personal shortcomings, and all other hardships and flaws that come with mortal life, the Savior will heal me and bless me uniquely.

THREE || When was the last time I felt the "sweet influence of the Savior's atonement" in my life? During my third pregnancy, I was diagnosed "high risk" because of an issue with the umbilical cord and placenta. It was scary but manageable, and I had to get a lot of extra ultrasounds to make sure everything was fine. Then, I ended up going into labor early due to organ failure and sepsis, and a month-long fight for my life. I didn't get to see my baby until he was a month old, and during the emotional healing process later on, I realized that the high-risk diagnosis and those extra ultrasounds were actually a gift. Heavenly Father blessed me with visits and images of my sweet boy, knowing our meeting would be delayed. It helped a lot as I navigated a difficult bonding experience. I felt so strongly that it was the "sweet influence" of healing and wholeness, given to me as a very personalized and intimate gift.

"As disciples of the Lord, we need His redeeming power to accompany us, motivate us, and change us each and every day."

"The entire “good news” of the gospel is contained in this image of the Savior tenderly extending His “arms of mercy” to invite each individual to come unto Him and receive the blessings of His Atonement."


Use the following question as a journal prompt each day this week. How did I feel the "sweet influence of the Savior's atonement" in my life today?

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