A Perfect Brightness of Hope

From Jeffrey R. Holland

O N E // Let this be the beginning. Let this year be one remember as the year we took a deeper personal inventory. The year we learned to know better and be better. The year we came to understand what truth really is and where to find it, how to cling to God's light and then reflect it. The year we stopped taking the simplicities of life for granted. The year we committed to the two greatest commandments with a real hope of "giving our children a better one than they one they now know."

T W O // Just because the surrounding climate of the world will make you want to believe otherwise, believe there is good anyway. Have hope for a better tomorrow, in spite of what the news shares. Love your neighbor still, even when, ESPECIALLY when, you have reason to divide.  Lean on an almighty God regardless of what popular opinion will tell you—that He is not there or that He does not care? Not so. The moment we begin to uproot ourselves from the very being that created all for our good, that is the moment we lose our sure foundation, our hope—"our last sustaining possession."

T H R E E // You did not come this far, only to come this far. You were not asked to endure this year 2020 only to lose hope in the end. Perhaps you were saved for this time because you showed resilience, courage, and the purest devotion in the pre-mortal existence. Perhaps you said, "Send me, Father, at a time when the tempest rages and truth is threatened, for I will fight for a greater cause—the cause of Christ. I will declare all that is good, I will love my brethren, I will keep my promises, and I will travel the miles and miles that are required of me until I return to Thy heavenly care. I will not lose hope, Father, send me."


"We all need to believe that what we desire in righteousness can someday, someway, somehow yet be ours."

Jeffrey R. Holland

"We have every reason to hope for blessings even greater than those we have already received because this is the work of Almighty God, this is the Church of continuing revelation, this is the gospel of Christ’s unlimited grace and benevolence."

Jeffrey R. Holland


C H A L L E N G E // A few weeks ago, while spending some time at our ranch with our dearest friends, we stayed out at the campfire particularly late one night discussing the sometimes bumpy roads of this life. As the fire died down we began to notice what was above us—the brightest blanket of stars I have ever seen. We all agreed it was too magnificent of a sky to not give it the attention it deserved that night—but we would later realize, it was We ran down to the cabin to grab sleeping bags, pillows, and a speaker (a key ingredient to the magic of this night). As we settled in and began to let our eyes settle on the majesty above us, we all became very quiet. Suddenly perspectives fell into place, hearts were softened, and our "nothingness" was realized in the most beautiful way. If you can't remember the last time you laid under the stars, take advantage of these lingering summer nights and do so. A few components that I believe really made that night special—

  • Stay a while. Don't just dip outside before and crane your neck at the sky, settle in and spend some time letting the magnificence soak in.

  • Music. I underestimated what this would do for the evening, but it made all the difference. Whatever kind of genre calms your soul and invites reflection—through a playlist together so you can just let it

  • Silence. You'll naturally want to discuss all of what you're seeing and feeling, and you SHOULD! But at some point in the evening, find a moment of stillness where your mind can have room to untangle itself in the vastness.

I can't accurately put into words what this experience meant to our friends and I that night, but I just hope you are enveloped in a similar magic. I hope you feel the peace, love, and most of all, the hope we all so desperately need right now.


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