Choose You This Day

There is such power in seeking to recognize the choices that certain women in the scriptures made to follow God. I love thinking about the positive consequences of their decisions and the fact that in this life, they probably never came to understand the magnitude and far reaching affect that their decisions have made.

Women Choosing God

Ruth, and her fearlessness in choosing to cleave to Naomi and loyally pledging to stay with her after the death of her husband. Her willingness to choose to follow Naomi and her instructions led her to eventually marry Boaz. Esther, and her courage to choose to stand up to a King that could have easily brought her to her death. And the faith of Mary, when she humbly chose to receive the call to provide a means for the Savior of the world to be born.

Each of these women chose to follow God when faced with life-altering choices. Because of their choices, Ruth was ultimately able to provide a linage that the Savior would eventually be born into, Esther saved a whole people—her people, and Mary’s divine calling provided a means for the Messiah to come to the earth in order to fulfill His mission and redeem His people. It’s my belief that before these women were faced with making these life-altering choices, Ruth, Esther, and Mary’s lives were filled with daily decisions that allowed them to walk in the light. These small daily choices culminated into a life filled with light and faith, and allowed them to be prepared to choose God when faced with decisions that helped them fulfill their foreordained missions.

Choosing Him Everyday

Elder Renlund’s talk is a beautiful reminder to choose Him this day and every day, in the small decisions and the big ones. Sometimes it’s easy to get in the daily routine of “doing” rather than “choosing”. Elder Renlund teaches us that,


“Our Heavenly Father’s goal in parenting is not to have His children do what is right; it is to have His children choose what is right and ultimately become like Him”.


This week, take time to actively choose to do right rather than just do what is right, and take every opportunity to walk in the light with every choice you make. This will fill you with the hope President Eyring's promise, “When you walk in the light, you will feel at that moment some of the warmth and the happiness that will finally be yours when you are welcomed home again with the hundreds and perhaps thousands of others whom you will bring with you, who have walked in the light because you did.”

Read Elder Renlund's full address here...

Ministering idea:

Share with your ministering sister how the choices in her life have inspired or taught you. These might seem simple insignificant decisions to her, but knowing that they are noticed and seen as an example for good could be just the thing she needs that day!

Lesson / activity:

Use the worksheet below to prompt discussion about women in your life who have inspired you by their choices to choose Him. Also identify ways you can intentionally choose God everyday in your own life and as a family.

Faith in Action!

This week, take time to actively choose rather than just do what is right. Notice how it makes you feel and the power it brings to your life. Take time to ponder how your choices determine who you are and who you will become. To help remind you to CHOOSE HIM and CHOOSE THE LIGHT, download these phone backgrounds below and set them as your screensaver for the week!