Come and Belong

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ONE || The goal is not perfection—it is progression.It is discipleship. It is a willingness and desire to keep going, keep trying, and keep believing. Sometimes this doesn't seem easy, in fact more often than not, it requires great effort on our part. But every time we choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, we get stronger. We lay another stone on our foundation as we build up our lives toward heaven—a foundation ready to resist temptations of the adversary and provide shelter from the storm.

If the Lord only worked through perfect people, there would be no learning. There would be no need for an atoning sacrifice or an advocate with our Father in heaven as we try, and try, and try again.

TWO || We may not learn the first time.We may not learn the 12th time.We may not even learn by the 126th time.Sometimes we learn by repetition, and that's okay—normal, actually. Repetition is built into Heavenly Father's plan for each of us. Heknowsit will take practice. That's why certain experiences throughout our life's journey will result in a similar lessons learned, giving us the opportunity to truly gain the greatest understanding we can and help others along the way.

THREE || We each have a part to play—in this ongoing restoration, in bringing our family towards Christ, in the return of a loved one or the fellowship of a stranger. We need each other—our strengths, our shortcomings, lessons learned and victories won.


 "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is structured to provide opportunities to practice the fundamentals of discipleship."

"God uses the weak and the plain to bring about His purposes. This truth stands as a testimony that it is God’s power, not man’s, that accomplishes His work on the earth."



Use the worksheet below to track the "small and simple things," the daily practices that will lead you to discipleship. We've listed some ideas at the bottom of things you can do both daily and weekly, but maybe you only pick 3 of each to focus on at a time. Remember, the goal is not perfection, it progression—trying a little harder each day and seeing improvement along the way. The Lord sees our every effort, no amount of sacrifice goes unnoticed.