WK 6 || Eyes To See

1 | See Ourselves. One of the blessings of having our eyes opened to eternal truths is that we will come to understand our divine and infinite value in the eyes of our Creator. As we seek the truth of who we are and what our purpose and potential are in this mortal life, we will be blessed with the knowledge that we are “sons and daughters of heavenly parents, with a ‘divine nature and eternal destiny.” In this new knowledge, you can be more capable not only of accomplishing mighty feats with a loving God and army of angels to support you, but also show more respect and compassion to the heavenly - though imperfect - spirit that you are. Learning to see ourselves this way gives us the ability to understand our strengths and identify where we would be of most use to God’s plan.

2 | See Others. How often do we zone out while looking at our phones and become completely oblivious or indifferent to the people around us? Many times, the need for comfort, friendliness, invitation, interest, and consolation is right in front of our noses, but there’s a phone blocking our view. Even when phones aren’t involved, how often do our own thoughts, insecurities, and daydreams keep us from reaching out with a friendly word? As we prayerfully seek to understand the world from a more eternal perspective, we can receive and act on promptings to see and serve others. Seeing others as God sees them and ministering to them in Christlike ways requires little more effort than a smile, a genuine conversation, or an offer to carry groceries.

3 | See Christ. A benefit to learning to see ourselves, others, and the world through a more eternal lens is that we are more adept at discerning truth and good from error and evil. Moroni 7:48 promises that if we develop the ability to be filled with love toward others and recognize our eternal worth, “that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” Being able to recognize Christ on that great day is something I hope I can trust myself with. In the meantime, we’ve been told how we can practice and exercise this ability - by seeing ourselves and others as He sees us and them.

"Ask to see others as He does--as His true sons and daughters with infinite and divine potential."


"Jesus Christ sees people deeply. He sees individuals, their needs, and who they can become."


INVITATION: We have been blessed with the ability to see - truly see - and love God’s children. In this season of gratitude and giving, let us focus more than ever on seeing others as God sees them, seeing ourselves as God sees us, and turning that eternal perspective into Christlike action. If you’re at the grocery store and you notice an elderly person or young mom struggling to manage, offer your help. If you have a neighbor who rarely receives visitors, make a special effort to offer your time and a listening ear or a helping hand. Sister Craig’s impression to refrain from picking up her phone while in line, along with her willingness to follow that prompting, allowed her to connect with and uplift a stranger. Next time you’re in line, make an effort to compliment the person in front of or behind you. Start a friendly conversation, and notice how it makes you feel! How do you think it made the other person feel? Come back and tell us how it affected your day for the better!

AFFIRMATION: I have the divine ability to see myself and others as God sees us. I am choosing to look up from distractions and insecurities to become an instrument in His hands.

Tesiah Frame

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