Fulfillment and Prophecy

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ONE || As I read Elder Rasband's words describing the many prophecies of these latter days, my heart is stirred by the knowledge that ancient seers saw our time. I wonder what they felt as they experienced visions of the days before the Savior returned to the earth a second time. I wonder if the gift of their vantage point gave them a greater perspective than we have now, caught in our day-to-day busyness and distractions. However, in reality we can have the same eternal perspective. Ancient seers who saw our day looked forward; we can look backward through the scriptures and highlight the things that stood out to the prophets about this time. We can be mirrors reflecting each other, magnifying our understanding and enabling us to prepare for our Savior.

TWO || I love the word "restitution." It is a thread woven through the gospel--the fall in Eden redeemed by the Savior's atoning sacrifice. The apostasy following the death of the original twelve apostles restored by a teenage boy who dared to pray and was willing to receive the mission God had for him. The constant failure of my own spirit as I fall short of the commandments, lifted by my loving Older Brother as I turn to Him in repentance and participate in saving ordinances. Every loss we experience in this life is twinned with recompense in the eternities. That truth is repeated over and over again in the words of the scriptures to help us remember when the present moment seems inescapable and our burdens feel impossible to bear.

THREE || When I was in high school, one of my friends shared in our Sunday School class, "I always try to keep an eternal perspective and think about if what's happening will matter in 100 years or after something hard happens." He laughed a little and added, "I haven't had a bad day since!" That moment has stayed with me for almost twenty years as different trials have come and gone in my life. I can't truthfully say I haven't had a bad day since, but I do know that when I make an effort to focus on the eternal and when I rely on my Savior I feel comfort and strength. The prophecies of this tumultuous time build my faith that there is a plan, not only for the entire world but also for me.


"We live in that time prophesied; we are the people charged with ushering in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; we are to gather God's children, those who will hear and embrace truths, covenants, and promises of the everlasting gospel."

"We do not know when the Savior will return, but this we do know. We must be prepared in heart and mind, worthy to receive Him, and honored to be part of all that was prophesied so long ago."



Elder Rasband describes a personal experience when he receives his mission call. He is disappointed that he isn't going to Germany like many of his family members, but when he picks up his scriptures to find comfort he reads in the Doctrine and Covenants a prophecy about the area he was called to that changes his perspective. This week, search the scriptures for a prophecy of this time that inspires or comforts you on a personal level. (The talk has several examples that you can use as a starting point). How does your scripture help prepare you for the Savior's second coming? Share what you've learned with a loved one or on social media.