Let This House Be Built Unto My Name

Read Elder David A. Bednars' full address...

ONE || I have always thought of the temple as a place of refuge, a place of solace. And although it is those things, Elder Bednar taught that it should be a source of strength—a strength that must then be carried into the world to conquer evil. His words struck me so strongly, and they come as another reminder (and a seemingly reoccurring theme) that we are not meant to be righteous, but passive bystanders. We are meant to righteously and actively spread the light and goodness of our Savior—it's an important part of our temple covenants.

TWO || "Lord works with each of us from the inside out." It's truly beautiful to know that our Savior knows us so intimately. Read that again! He. knows. YOU. He knows the piles of laundry, the small successes, the wayward child, the broken heart, the promotion at work. He crafts growth experiences that are specific to each individual, polishing our hearts. "Our hearts—the sum total of our desires, affections, intentions, motives, and attitudes—define who we are and determine what we will become. And the essence of the Lord’s work is changing, turning, and purifying hearts through gospel covenants and priesthood ordinances." Although many other things may occupy our minds throughout the day, the Lord wants our hearts—purified and turned to Him. And He offers a hand to help us do that every step of the way—working within us "from the inside out."

THREE || Ordinances hold real, tangible power. They are not merely checkmarks on our mortal checklist, but conduits to heaven. "Ordinances that are received worthily and remembered continually open the heavenly channels through which the power of godliness can flow into our lives." What a marvelous thing it is to behold, to have "godliness flow into our lives." What does that look like for you? Have you experienced it before? How can you better align yourself with your covenants so you can feel that power?


"We do not come to the temple to hide from or escape the evils of the world. Rather, we come to the temple to conquer the world of evil."


"We do not build or enter holy temples solely to have a memorable individual or family experience. Rather, the covenants received and the ordinances performed in temples are essential to the sanctifying of our hearts and for the ultimate exaltation of God's sons and daughters."




Although many of us cannot currently serve in the temples, we can access the power in our lives. Elder Dale G. Renlund recently said this in a video about temple service and COVID restrictions:

"When we go to the temple, we don’t renew our covenants as we do proxy temple work. Rather, we are *reminded* of the covenants that we once made. It’s by keeping those covenants that we access the power of godliness in our lives—whether we’re able to physically go to the temple or not. We should not limit the ability of God to invoke the power of godliness in our lives. Our ability to access the power of godliness depends on us keeping the covenants we’ve made with Him."

Contemplate these words and the words from Elder Bednar's powerful talk. How can you commit to remembering your covenants and better align yourself to them? How can this invite godliness to flow in your life? Perhaps you can journal your thoughts and a make a plan or take some time each morning this week to study the temple covenant and what it means to you.


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