Marriage Daily Check-In

Communication in marriage can be hard. In our casual routines and the busyness of life, sometimes we don't realize we're not connecting as spouses. We have to be intentional about getting on the same page about our needs, wants, and feelings.We've all heard that communication is key to a happy marriage. It makes sense, right? So how can we make the most of our time together as husband and wife?

A simple routine to fit into your daily life is a weekly check-in! We’ve created a list of questions to easily start the conversation. Allow the answers to guide you as you serve your spouse and to simply express your needs and feelings. Tear out the sheet to the right to try it out and find more to print in your download kit!

What do you need from me today this week ?

I really need…

(initial one)

A night out A night in

Space to breathe A hug and closeness

A brownie A protein shake

Sunshine A blanket

To go for a run A nap

A long conversation A short chat

Dream about the future Have a reality check

Go for a long drive Walk around the block

Read a book Watch a game

Play a game Watch TV

Learn something new Reminisce about the past

To wake up early Sleep in

Post new photos Take a social media break

Today I am feeling…

(circle one)













I appreciate when you…

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