Parents and Children

After ending my social media fast last October, I realized that my phone had created bad habits out of me. I came out of my fast ready to rewrite my habits and focus on the things that matter most: relationships. I chose to put my phone down while my children were talking to me. I chose to create boundaries.

Technology is a blessing, yet I was letting it act upon me. When President Oaks said “It will bless your lives if you limit your use of and dependence on cell phones” I felt a literal kick to the gut. How was I going to implement President Oaks’ apostolic plea?

I decided to evaluate the amount of time I spent on my phone, and after stumbling upon an article that said the average human spends around 7 years on their phone, it put time into a harsh perspective.

Time is a gift from God. How will we use it? President Russell M Nelson said “We need women who are devoted to shepherding God’s children along the covenant path towards exaltation.” Satan is distracting us from this goal through the misuse of technology. So this week I hope we can prayerfully consider the things we can change in our life in order to help those around us keep on the covenant path.

Read President Oak's full address here.

Faith in Action:

Print this week’s download and tape it where you can read it each day. Then in your journal write 1 thing you are going to do this week to be a courageous defender of morality and families.


Read “Safeguards for Using Technology” with your family and create a technology safety plan. Have each member of the family offer ideas and rules to follow, and then let everyone sign the document you create.

Ministering Idea:

Send a text to your ministering sisters sharing 1 way you’ve seen them courageously living the gospel.