The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon

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ONE || Our religion is wholly founded on the Book of Mormon. The gospel and the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are sustained entirely by the teachings and revelations of this miraculous scripture. Joseph Smith said, "Take away the Book of Mormon, and the revelations, ad where is our religion? We have none." From this fundamental truth, we can gather that if our religion is held up by this book, so must our individual testimonies.

TWO || We will need to make sacrifices in the name of truth. It didn't go unnoticed that in this week's Come Follow Me readings (Alma 13-16), Amulek gave up his wealth and worldly possessions, his friends, his father, and his family in order to become a more faithful disciple. As Elder Soares explains in this week's talk, Joseph Smith, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and the other witnesses of the Book of Mormon made immense sacrifices for the production of the scripture, and for the building up of the kingdom in their day. Martin Harris mortgaged his farm and eventually sold off part of it in order to pay off the publication costs. Many of the early church members experienced great hardship as they worked to establish the early church. For some, these trials caused "faltering in their faith." But none of the eleven witnesses ever denied "their testimonies that they had seen the plates." As we strengthen our faith in the Book of Mormon and its teachings, we will simultaneously become more resilient against the trials we face.

THREE || The Book of Mormon was sent to us "to combat the worldly wisdom and multiplied ignorance of eighteen centuries, with a new revelation." The Book of Mormon also "testifies that the remnant of the house of Israel is to become one through His latter-day work." In an era of worldly wisdom, massive human division, and multiplied ignorance, we have this heaven-sent scripture to help us unify with each other, come unto Christ, heal and build the kingdom, and find personal peace and happiness.


"The power of this book is not based only in its magnificent history but on its powerful, unparalleled message."


"The Book of Mormon is God's instrument to bring about the gathering of Israel in our day and to help people come to know His Son, Jesus Christ."




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