Truth and the Plan


I believe there are no accidents or coincidences. So when we came to this week, and this talk, and my cousin sharing this BYU speech with me, I knew God wanted us to take some purposeful time this week and reflect on the foundation of His church, the foundation of our testimonies, and the TRUTH that should be at the core of those foundations.

As you read these two addresses, from President Oaks and Elder Corbridge, notice how they consistently support the other. When we seek for truth and answers, Pres. Oaks share this:

"When we seek the truth about religion, we should use spiritual methods appropriate for that search: prayer, the witness of the HolyGhost, and study of the scriptures and the words of modern prophets."

Elder Corbridge then, after outlining various ways we can find answers, states:

"The divine method of learning incorporates the elements of the other methodologies but ultimately trumps everything else by tapping into the powers of heaven. Ultimately the things of God are made known by the Spirit of God, which is usually a still, small voice."

I could not help but feel an overwhelming confidence in His Church and His plan as these inspired brethren assured us that no matter the turmoil that will surround us or the misinformation and deceit that will surface, the work will go forth. What part will we play in it? President Oaks shared:

"The work of the Lord is going forward despite the organized and constant opposition that confronts us as we strive to practice the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

 Then Elder Corbridge asks us this:

"The kingdom of God is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It will “stand for ever.” The question is, Will you and I stand? Will you stand forever, or will you go away? And if you go, where will you go?"

I did not even begin to share the best parts of these talks. PLEASE take some time this week to read or listen to their words. The time is NOW to decide where you stand. To trust what you know, and never stray from it. Questions will arise, but do not let the lack of answers turn in to a lack of faith. Don't let that distract you from the miracle that is THIS LIFE. His plan is beautiful and it is WHOLE. The knowledge we have been given is ALL we need to triumph in this life, and eventually return to our heavenly home.