WK 1 || Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always

1  |  All are welcome. All prayers are needed. All prayers reach heaven. Prayer is something we can all unite in—no matter our religion or homeland. "One nation under God", one WORLD under God—imagine that!! Imagine a world that came together in recognition, in REVERENCE, for a God above. I think hearts would soften, minds would be clear and inspired, and brotherly love and kindness would return. For prayer has the power to extend beyond any border, boundary, limitation, or difference. It is the power by which we learn to open our eyes to see each other as children of God FIRST.

2  |  Prayer is a demonstration that we not only recognize a higher, omniscient being—but that we are also willing to submit our will to His. We see the opportunity before us to trust in something—someONE—that has our best interest in mind, our truest happiness, and our greatest potential! This submissiveness is not weakness, it is trust. It is trust that the adversity we face that often feels bigger than us, can, and SHOULD, be met with a divinity that is greater than us. It is trust that God DOES hear our pleas, that He DOES care about the weight of our burdens, both large and small. It is trust that as we align and submit our will to His, He will do with it something unimaginable and marvelous.

3  |  Offering our prayer is only half of it, we must then live it. What are willing to do, change, and become, to bring our prayers to life? Just like the Lord hears even our most tired prayers, He will accept even the smallest effort, for they are mighty in His eyes when we are giving our best. The Lord works through imperfect people to work mighty miracles. Have faith that your work to change, do, and become is magnified through Him.

This is not about politics or policy. This is about peace and the healing that can come to individual souls as well as to the soul of countries—their cities, towns, and villages—through the Prince of Peace and the source of all healing, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Humbling ourselves and seeking heaven’s inspiration to endure or conquer what is before us will be our safest and surest way to move confidently forward through these troubling times.


"Brothers and sisters, I urge you to redouble your commitment to prayer. I urge you to pray in your closets, in your daily walk, in your homes, in your wards, and always in your hearts. . . I invite all Church members, as well as our neighbors and friends of other faith groups worldwide, to do as the Savior counseled His disciples: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always” How can we redouble our commitment to prayer? Perhaps starting today, you begin a 7-day prayer challenge! Because we are encouraged to pray often, sometimes we can begin to feel “in-a-rut”, or a need to try something different in our to feel something different. Here are some ideas—maybe you pick one to focus on throughout the week, or maybe you try something new each day. Pay attention to how the heavens open in new ways as you explore the power of prayer.

  • Pray out loud

  • Kneel as you pray

  • Express only gratitude

  • Pray only for others

  • Ask a friend or loved one what they are in need of, pray for them by name

  • Pray in nature or somewhere removed from distraction

  • Allow space for meditation or stillness before or after your prayer

  • Write down the words of your prayer

  • Pray for those “who may be considered our enemies”

Rio Grange

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Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always

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