WK 4 || We Will Prove Them Herewith

1  |  Periodic tests absolutely are essential to learning. Tests are designed to help us as Elder Bednar said, to "...compare what we need to know, with what we actually know about a specific subject." He discusses further his friend in law school who studied and reviewed what he learned all throughout the semester. When the tests came he was more than prepared, and found himself grateful for all of the time he took to prepare. Likewise, we need to learn, and review what we have learned. We should look at a testing period as a chance to prove, try, and examine what we have learned, as well as our devotion to Heavenly Father's plan. This way of thinking helps us reframe a trial into a way in which we can both show our love and devotion to God, as well as work hand in hand WITH Him on finding the answers. 

2  |  Healthy habits naturally lead to being prepared. As we establish rituals in our lives that allow us to progress and become more like God, we'll naturally be more prepared for whatever comes our way, and for when we meet God again. Heavenly Father desires to communicate with us, we must live our lives in such a way that He can. As Elder Bednar stated, "effective and timely preparation precedes successul proving." These daily habits will provide a strong knowledge and skills that we can readily call upon when needed. 

3  |  We must learn to choose now. As Elder Holland told the students of BYU-I "Choices have to be made. Not making a choice is a choice. Learn to choose now." Often times when I'm struggling to make a decision I think of how I fought for this very opportunity, the ability to make a decision. We have the blessing to choose, every day, and prove ourselves to God. Deciding now what we believe, and where we stand, will help us immensely when tests come. 

"Faithfulness is not foolishness or fanaticism. Rather, it is trusting and placing our confidence in Jesus Christ as our Savior, on His name, and in His promises."


"Repeated admonitions to prepare have been proclaimed by leaders of the Church for decades. The consistency of prophetic counsel over time creates a powerful concert of clarity and a warning volume far louder than solo performances can ever produce."


INVITATION: Adjectives provide great depth of meaning within the scriptures. It is interesting to note that not once is the word "test" used within the standard works. Elder Bednar could have only highlighted one of the adjectives that is used, however, he chose to give examples of all three: examine, prove, and try.  This week, we invite you to turn to the Topical Guide to find one scripture for each of the action words from Elder Bednar: examine, prove, and try. From there, identify and write down something you will examine this week, something you will prove, and something you will try. It's always helpful to put this where you will see it often to remind you! We're excited to learn more about these verbs by diving into the words of the scriptures coupled with Elder Bednar's recent insights! 

AFFIRMATION: I am prepared to examine, try, and prove myself faithful. I am confident that His plan for me is uniquely designed for my personal growth and eternal happiness. 

Ashlynn Rhodes

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