WK 10 || Enduring Power

1 | His enduring power is sufficient to sustain my soul. His power sustains in uncertainty, strengthens in weakness, and mends in brokenness. Through the Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement, all that is unfair will be made right. That power cannot be limited, restrained, or restricted. Oh how He wants to bless us with His power to overcome our difficulties, both large and small! But beyond all grandeur and all omnipotence, His power can support and sustain even this day, this hour, this very moment. He is the living water, the bread of life. Both to sustain our souls and nourish our needs.

2 | Covenants and His power. Kelly R. Johnson reminds us that there is no expiration date for God's power to those who make and keep temple covenants. While the doors of the temple may be closed temporarily due to world circumstances, the windows of heaven are open to endow us with the power of His promises. We can still rely on the promises we've made, or will make in the future, to set a clear direction in our lives. This direction illuminates our path and leads our choices. He sees this path and will get you there. He sees YOUR path and will change you to get there.

3 | Accessing His power doesn't always come naturally, but it does come by preparation, acting in faith, and filling our souls with the word of God. Through preparation, our Savior showed us the way to access enduring power. Preparation is not just an action but a process of opening minds and softening hearts. This process looks different for each one of us! There isn't a one-size-fits-all to access God's power…but acting in faith and feasting on His words prepare us to receive this blessing. This power not only governs our behavior but empowers us to change what is. His enduring power will carry us through our unique challenges and shape us to become something more. Someone more. Someone like Him.

"Only faith and the word of God that fill our inner soul are sufficient to sustain us—and to allow us to access His power."


"Filling our heart and even our soul with the word of God and the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ is crucial to drawing upon the power of God to help us in these challenging times."


INVITATION: Kelly R. Johnson reminds us that through faith and intentional scripture study, we can access God's divine enduring power. He promises that as we seek for this power, we “will be blessed with a greater understanding of the love our Heavenly Father has for us”. This week, we invite you grab hold of that understanding through scripture. Pick a meaningful or significant scripture you've felt God's love through, can be one verse or a whole range of verses! Set up a visual reminder for you to review this scripture throughout the week (could be screenshotting the scripture and setting it as your phone background, writing it on a sticky note for your mirror, or bookmarking the scripture in your physical scripture set). Each day, start with a prayer of faith to feel God's power and then look to your reminder scripture. At the end of the week, document the new ways you gained access to His enduring power.

AFFIRMATION: I am worthy to access His divine enduring power. Through faith and earnest scripture study, His power will expand my efforts and sustain my soul.

-Taylor LaMay, Marketing Specialist

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