WK 11 || Sisters In Zion

1 | An Essential Force. As women of God, we have "a crucial part to play in the grand times ahead." We will be an "essential force in the gathering of Israel and in the creation of a Zion people." As I read this, I pondered what my "crucial part" is and will be. I am a mother and wife, I have a job and a platform, and have the ability and pleasure to serve those in my family and community. Our roles as wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, leaders, "and especially as exemplars and devout defenders of the faith" put us in unique positions of power. As we teach our families, lead our communities, excel in our jobs and as leaders in every capacity, we draw the attention of the world to the Light of Christ, which emanates from us as we proceed in righteousness.

2 | Privileges and Responsibilities. Every blessing and privilege we've been given has been to further the gathering of Israel and the building of God's Kingdom. Joseph Smith told the sisters of the Church, "If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates." How am I living up to my privileges? How can I be even better? How have angels been my associates thus far? If I can continue to live worthily of my blessings, fulfill the responsibilities I've chosen and been given, and remain "deeply committed to [my] covenants with God," I will be fortified by the strength of angels both earthside and heavenside.

3 | Charity Never Faileth. As women, our abilities to nurture, mediate, lift up, forgive, and comfort are divine gifts intended to build and strengthen God's Kingdom. It is by our hands that Zion will be prepared. When I soften my own heart, serve, seek to understand, and live by righteous example, I lift myself AND others "toward the love and purity that will qualify [us] to live together in a Zion society" - in God's presence.

"Heavenly Father's daughters have a gift to allay contention and to promote righteousness with their love of God and with the love of God they engender in those they serve."


"You brought with you into mortal life a spiritual capacity to nurture others and to lift them higher toward the love and purity that will qualify them to live together in a Zion society."


INVITATION: Imagine the beauty, peace, and unity that will exist in Zion. What will it feel like? How will people treat one another? How will individuals contribute to society? Consider your "crucial part." On paper, brainstorm some of your unique spiritual gifts, privileges, responsibilities, and unique roles that provide you with opportunities to assist in establishing Zion. What can you do today that will magnify your special role? Some ideas: bring a meal to someone in need, drop off a Christmas present to someone who will be spending the holiday alone (or invite them to Christmas Eve dinner at your house), send a humble apology. You have so many gifts to share!

AFFIRMATION: I am equipped with unique gifts and privileges for the gathering of Israel. I am crucial to God's cause. He will magnify my every effort to build His kingdom.

-Tesiah Frame, Managing Editor

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