WK 13 || I Believe In Angels

1 | Not all angels are on the other side of the veil. Sometimes, the most important interactions are with earthly angels—our brothers and sisters all around us. They are those who are simply willing to step out of their comfort zone and follow a prompting. It need not be complicated or time consuming. When my father was sick earlier this year, there were so many earthly angels in our home. They did not change the outcome of my father's passing, but they fed us, mourned with us, sat with us in our grief. Those people hold a special place in my soul as they stayed in what I'm sure felt like an uncomfortable situation, just to be sure we weren't alone. There was nothing they did that was overtly miraculous, but it felt just the opposite to me and my family. Those earthly angels will never be forgotten. They helped carry the load during the most difficult part of my life, and I'll be forever grateful.

2 | If you are struggling to fit in, please don't give up. This gospel, with all its quirks, is often a difficult one to live—especially for converts. It requires a lot of us. We must let go of the incorrect belief that anyone can live this gospel perfectly—we must only try our very best. This requires us to work together as a people. Not to judge or exclude, but to uplift. There must be no one left behind! And, if you are struggling to fit in (which I believe we all struggle with) "Please, please, do not give up on your efforts to be part of this big family. It is the true Church of Jesus Christ! When it comes to your happiness and salvation, it is always worth the effort to keep trying."

3 | The Lord is in the business of recruiting angels. There is a great need, in this tumultuous world, for us to be angels for one another. You are needed. Yes, you—the one reading this email. Chances are you can think of someone who you can help, perhaps someone you are perfectly suited to help. If you can't think of anyone, pray for someone. If you still can't think of anyone, simply recommit to living your life more like the Savior would, and someone who needs you will cross your path. It need not be difficult or life changing. Recently, an earthly angel brought me chocolate chip cookies. It was nothing to her, and everything to me—exactly what I needed on a difficult day to feel so seen by the Lord. Please don't let the Lord's call for angels pass you by! You have something to offer, and the Lord needs you. His only requirement is a willing heart.

"The angels that walk among us in our everyday lives are powerful reminders of God’s love for us."


"The Lord is aware of the challenges you face. He knows you, He loves you, and I promise, He will send angels to help you."


INVITATION: "The Lord puts those who need angelic help in our path daily." Brainstorm who in your life may need an angel. Think of both friends and those whom you may have nothing in common with. Think of those who don't always fit in or push you out of your comfort zone. Try to see them as the Lord sees them—and pray to know how to help them. Consider creating the habit of asking the Lord in your daily prayers to help you be an earthly angel. When a thought comes, especially if it is consistent, ACT! Don't bury the prompting or write it off. Consider writing down the promptings or the experiences acting on them. The recording can give you more confidence to continue to be an angel in the future. If you don't feel like you receive a prompting, simply choose someone in your life to do something kind for! This can open your heart to more promptings or ideas. Some ideas: send a text to an old friend, leave a kind comment for someone online, call an older neighbor just to listen and chat, write a letter to an old mentor or teacher outlining how much they meant to you.

AFFIRMATION: I have the capacity to be AN ANGEL FOR THE LORD. Aware of my strengths and weaknesses, He will use me to uplift others. I am ON HIS ERRAND. My eyes are open, and my HEART IS WILLING.

-Sydney Bishop, Lead Graphic Design

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