WK 15 || The Healing Power Of Jesus Christ

1 | REST. We are living in a time of unrest. Un-Rest. No rest. This is hard for the soul, for the family, for the society to endure. Rest is a natural and required part of life and healing, and right now, it feels impossible. Through the Atonement, and by exercising faith in Jesus Christ, we are promised relief and peace. Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” In times of anxiety, I find myself turning to my phone, to the news or social media, to audiobooks or phone calls or evening shows and movies in search of rest. Rarely does it occur to me that Jesus alone offers the rest I seek, and that those means of escape and numbing actually worsen the state of my mind and heart. I’ll be paying close attention to those habits and deliberately turning my heart to Jesus and the Atonement to “calm my troubled heart.”

2 | STRENGTH. As we search for answers, guidance, and relief during this tumultuous season, we can also turn to the Lord. He has not promised to remove the heavy burdens from our backs, but he has promised to bless us with so much strength “that even you cannot feel them upon your backs…” We know in this dispensation that we are generations which have been prepared and called to do harder things than anyone before us. The burdens we carry are heavier than they’ve ever been, and we can stand tall under the weight, not folding or hunching or complaining.

3 | WHOLENESS. Christ’s Atonement has the power not just to heal us to our original state, but to exalt us to a state of magnificence that, without Him, isn’t possible. I’ve always felt the truth of this, having grown up with a blind mother. I believe that one day, she will be physically whole and will look me in the face, will look at my beautiful children. But the glorious healing power of the Atonement doesn’t only apply to our physical state - our hearts and minds will be made whole. Through the Atonement, we will find the ability to forgive, to solve questions of eternity, to submit to God’s will - all hard things for our earthly hearts and minds to accomplish.

"As we come unto Him, ‘we can be filled with joy, peace, and consolation."


"He has the power to convert the ashes of mortality to the beauties of eternity."


INVITATION: Join us for a phone fast this weekend. Remove any social media, gaming, or other distracting apps from your phone. Any time on Saturday and Sunday you reflexively open your phone to scroll as means of distraction, escape, numbing, or boredom, catch yourself. Turn intentionally to the Savior to meet whatever needs you were hoping to meet on your phone. Say a prayer, open your scriptures, read The Collective, or listen to a conference talk instead. Notice whether your feelings of anxiety, sorrow, fear, anger, boredom, etc. dissipate or are exacerbated. Check back in on Monday and tell us how it went!

AFFIRMATION: Through the Atonement, I find the rest, strength, and wholeness I need to win every battle I fight. He is on my side, with the power to heal my wounded, weary soul.

-Tess Frame, Managing Editor

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