WK 23 || Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work

1 | "Count it all joy." As I read this phrase again and again in this talk, I thought—really? ALL of it? How do you really count the terrible stuff joy? And while I clearly don't know the answer to that yet, it did make me ponder about eternal perspective and the way God sees us. He sees joy in the growth, joy in the pain, joy in the striving to be closer to Him and to a better version of our divine selves. He knows the thing we want to hate Him for may be the thing that can drive us closest to Him (if we let it).

2 | "Let Patience have her perfect work." Again, this phrase caused me to pause (my patience rarely exists looks perfect). But to me, the phrase means: "allow patience to do her perfecting work." If we create space for patience, if we let it replace pride and anger, and truly strive to make a place for it in our lives, we can become perfected, bit by bit.. "In our efforts to find joy in the midst of our trials, we had forgotten that having patience is the key to letting those trials work for our good." When we choose to turn our souls to God, and be patient with His plans and timing, our hearts and minds will be opened to an understanding we didn't know existed.

3 | Trust God. It may have seemed strange to Elder Jaggi and his family, once 2020 unfolded as it did, that they had felt prompted to make "count it all joy" their theme for the year. Why after their personal heartaches, in a time they longed for refuge and joy, did such a year unfold? Were they mistaken in their prompting? God's timing or His promptings sometimes feel strange or frustrating. But, one can only assume, while having the reminder of "count it all joy" during 2020, there was more chance for Elder Jaggi's family to build faith, search for introspection, expand of eternal perspectives, and grow closer to God (probably more than a "happy" year would have). Trust God—He sees the path now, the path ahead, and the steep and rocky path that will make us who we are meant to become.

"Of all the zealous social, religious, and political endeavors of our day, let disciple of Jesus Christ be our most pronounced and affirming affiliation."


"Just as the trying of our faith works patience within us, when we exercise patience, our faith increases. As our faith increases, so does our joy."


INVITATION: Pick one of the main scriptures from the talk: "count it all joy" or "let patience have her perfect work." Ponder which one will have the most impact in your life, and write your insights down. Make a goal to incorporate what you have learned to your life. Maybe share what you learned with a family member, or ask them to help keep you accountable in your progress.

AFFIRMATION: I will "count it all joy" and let patience perfect me—making me strong, calm, and hopeful. Of all my endeavors, becoming a "disciple of Christ" is my most meaningful.

-Sydney Bishop, Art Director

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