WK 8 || Finding Joy In Christ

1 | What God asks is awe inspiring. We were divinely designed to withstand trials. God has never asked us to do everything, but sometimes it seems too much. Brother Lund shares an example of his son who fought cancer and the lack of strength made it difficult to pass the sacrament, but the call to be an example and a Christ-like figure in his community far exceeded his physical limitations. I’ve worked to read through submissions for Her Mighty Works and I can see that what God asks of you is HARD! But my spirit has been moved by countless examples of good people who refuse to let Satan’s evil power squash their view of tender mercies and who lean on precious testimonies — people whose lives shine so much of the light of Christ, how can we possibly deny his goodness? What God asks may be hard, but I’ve seen so many turn that into awe inspiring miracles!

2 | Are we to enlist in God’s battalion? The prophet has asked a lot of our youth and has therefore asked a lot of their parents, families, teachers, and friends. They have been asked to join in the work of salvation and exaltation —to enlist in God’s battalion. Haven’t we all? This year has been a year for a whole lot of change —some good, some bad. For me, it has solidified a urgent feeling to be prepared. Brother Lund speaks of this urgency saying, “Our youth cannot wait for the world to right itself before they come to know the Savior.” The Second Coming seems much less like a far-off dream and more like a reality. If my children are to be The Stripling Warriors, I have to be a mother of a stripling warrior because “...the urgent call from God’s battalions in fateful training is for ‘all hands on deck!’”

3 | There is joy and purpose found in serving the Savior. The strength of our relationship with our Savior is so important now. Brother Lund shares how the new Children and Youth program is built to support our children in this urgent call to learn, live, and teach as the Savior did. “If we desire ‘to be life Jesus,’ we should do what Jesus does.” Homes that are centered on Christ ensure spiritual safety for our families that help teach them about purpose, resiliency, service, love, and more. In the world we live in today it is so important to teach joy!

"The surest way to find joy in this life is to join Christ in helping others."


"As you rise to the majesty of your stations, with all of your hearts, might, mind, and strength, you will come to love God and keep your covenants and trust in His priesthood as you work to bless others, beginning in your own homes."


INVITATION: Read about the new Children and Youth program. If you have youth in your home, sit down with them to talk about what they would like to work on and how you can help. Take a moment to share your testimony of the importance of centering your life on Christ. Or, like Brother Lund says, if we are to be like Christ, we must act like him—so take a few moments to write down what you know about your Savior and study more about what he does. This is the perfect season to focus on and adopt a new Christ-like attribute into your life.

AFFIRMATION: I am divinely created to experience the joy found by knowing my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am fulfilling my promised potential as I strive to become like Him.

Kali Toone, Graphic Design

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