WK 9 || I Love To See The Temple

You were in a sacred place like this. Your spirit recognizes His presence, and longs to be there. When we enter the temple worthily, the divinity of that sacred space welcomes a familiarity and peace that brings clarity and belonging—sensations not easily found in our world today. Worthiness begins with desire. It is one thing to “check the boxes” of living worthily so we can “check the box” of entering the temple. It is another thing to DESIRE a worthy life and to DESIRE to enter into His house. A desire means there is a strong motivation paired with your actions and choices. For many of us, living with our families for eternity is that desire-generating motivation. Or the promise of greater access to personal revelation. Likely it’s both, and many other blessings that accompany spending time in the temple. Temple service can change and lift us. Changing us for the better and lifting us higher. Its influence reaches beyond the veil, into the eternities to connect our families forever, and the places in our heart that longs for the familiarity of His presence.

"President Russell M. Nelson made clear for us that we can “see” the Savior in the temple in the sense that He becomes no longer unknown to us."


"It is in the temple that we can receive the assurance of loving family connections that will continue after death and last for eternity."


AFFIRMATION: I am increasing my desire and worthiness to enter the temple—a place where divine revelation awaits and my spirit recognizes God’s presence.

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