WK14 || Why The Covenant Path

Unforced errors. They are inevitable, and they are a companion to being human. But they are less likely the more we find ourselves on the covenant path home. Is this because the covenant path is easier? Not necessarily. Is it because choices are made for us? Again, no. Rather, we naturally avoid many “unforced errors" when we diligently pursue the covenant path because of the lifestyle it provides, the self-discipline it develops, and the perspective it provides. Living a good life versus living a covenant life. At first glance, these might appear to be very similar. Both lives filled with wholesome choices, service to others, honoring and and respecting the body, and so on. But with closer examination we are reminded that, in fact, these two paths involve an entirely different level of commitment, eternal significance, and companionship along the way. These things that set the covenant path apart from others should be what motivates us to remain faithful to the covenant path. Bound and guided. These “next-level” differences make all the difference is how we endure the pains and hardships of mortality. Those on the covenant path are bound and guided—bound to God who has the power to "overcome all things", and guided by the constant companionship and protection of the Holy Spirit. Two invaluable promises that make the covenant path the “happiest and most satisfying course in life.” Not the easiest or path with least resistance, but the one with the most reward, the greatest opportunities to become, and an “I will not leave you comfortless”, “I will lead you along” kind of companionship every step of the way.

"Following the principles and commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ day by day is the happiest and most satisfying course in life."


“The covenants God offers to His children do more than guide us. They bind us to Him, and, bound to Him, we can overcome all things.”


AFFIRMATION: My daily choice to walk the covenant path ensures strength to overcome, lasting happiness, constant companionship, and exaltation. One step at a time, I develop the character of Christ.

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