Now available for the upcoming April General Conference!! We designed this workbook to first, guide you in preparing your hearts and homes for the inspired messages. Then, through prompted note pages, you will be able to record meaningful and intentional impressions. Finally, after the conclusion of this special weekend, we'll help you reflect on overall themes, recurring promptings, and set goals to move forward and act in faith!


We truly believe the heavens can open in personal revelation when we come prepared and ready to actively listen. This workbook can make all this difference in your conference expereince, keeping you engaged and present for the blessed weekend ahead! We look forward to spending it with you!

April 2019 Workbook

  • General Conference Study

    • Prepare your hearts and homes for conference
    • Prompted notes section for each session
    • Recap themes, act on promptings, and set goals to act
    • Outline the assigned talks for 2nd and 4th Sundays as you study with your class


    Note Pages

    • 3 overflow note pages in between each session
    • 6 additional note pages in the back for any other insights and/or post-conference study

No more unnecessary emails. Only the best and all you need to stay up to date on everything Work + Wonder—product releases, conference insights, free downloads, and more.

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