April 2020 Study Program


We are so excited to introduce you to our new 3-2-1 approach for studying these messages together!! Every Sunday morning we'll introduce our talk for the week, share 3 insights from a member of our team, 2 standout quotes, and 1 challenge to join us as we engage in the work and turn the words our prophet and apostles into action!

United in Accomplishing God's Work

August 31

Our differences should bring divinity—not division. Beauty and harmony can be found in our differences when we choose to see them in that light, His Light. We were created to compliment each other in our unique qualities, not compete or compare. Sister Bingham specifically...



Shall We Not Go On in So Great a Cause

August 24

In recent days, I've become so aware of how hungry our whole world is for purpose, for peace, and for the leadership of Christ, as I'm sure you have, too. As a young boy, Joseph saw this same yearning in the Christian revival. People in his area sought the Lord, but they also sought...



A Perfect Brightness of Hope

August 17

Let this be the beginning. Let this year be one remember as the year we took a deeper personal inventory. The year we learned to know better and be better. The year we came to understand what truth really is and where to find it, how to cling to God's light and then reflect it. The year...



Let This House be Built Unto My Name

August 10

I have always thought of the temple as a place of refuge, a place of solace. And although it is those things, Elder Bednar taught  that it should be a source of strength—a strength that must then be carried into the world to conquer evil. His words struck me so strongly, and they come as a...



The Blessing of Cont. Revelation to Prophets...

August 3

I vividly remember the peace I felt flooding my soul as I listened to President Nelson standing in the Sacred Grove, reading the Bicentennial Proclamation. I have lived in the Bible Belt for the last three years. I've had some beautiful, faith-building experiences with members of other...



An Especially Noble Calling

July 26

I am a woman of the restoration. You are a woman of the restoration. The women who came before us who laid the foundation we now stand upon were women of the restoration. We all have a special role in preparing for the second coming. To avoid getting overwhelmed with the...



A Good Foundation Against the Time to Come

July 19

 I'm always amazed when we are given the chance to look back on history and see the hand of the Lord throughout seemingly simple events. The temple was built to stand the test of time: in the best way possible for that time. As we have grown and learned, more updates and renovations...