The vision of The Collective was born from the idea to offer a place where testimonies could be shared in a variety of mediums. From poetry to paintings and personal essays to photography, together we will create a space where the beauty is as inspiring as the words shared throughout. In short, YOU—your experience, talents, and testimonies—are what makes this so special. We are so excited to read your work, and grateful that you are trusting us with what you’ve created! Please review the guidelines and upcoming themes as you prepare to submit.



"We believe..."

Stories of faith and inspiration surrounding the principles of the Articles of Faith. 

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SPRING 2022 | ALMA 7:22

"That I might awaken you..."

As we learn, overcome, and grow in this life, we gain new awareness of truth and light in all things. God's love, purpose, and blessings for us are like light breaking through clouds or fresh sprouts breaking through the ground in early spring. When we "awaken," we come to understand our "duty to God." Alternative examinations of the concept "Awaken" are welcome. Other keywords include: morning, understanding, purpose, knowledge.


SUMMER 2022 | HELAMAN 14:30

"Ye are free..."

Though often seen by others as a source of restriction or control, the power, deliverance, and liberty given to us by God and His gospel are undeniable. His people have been freed from bondage countless times, whether it be the Hebrews' deliverance from slavery in Egypt, the inspired establishment of a free America, the Saints' protection as they crossed the plains, or the salvation of the individual. Other examinations of "Freedom" (gospel, prison, addiction, patriotism, and other gospel principles and scripture stories) are welcome. 

Yoga at Home

FALL 2022 | 2 NEPHI 2:11

"Opposition in all things..."

Since before Creation, opposition has been an essential part of God's plan. Though we often lament our experiences of heartache, sorrow, and trial, we know that without them, we would have no means of measuring joy, recovery, and triumph. As we navigate life's good and bad, easy and hard, light and dark, we are enabled to learn, grow, and find happiness by contrast. Examinations of "Opposition" are welcome. 





Every issue is given a theme usually inspired by a verse of scripture. While appreciate submissions with one of our upcoming themes in mind, we also accept general submissions. Keep in mind we may delay publishing your piece if we feel it fits best with a later theme. Find more details about our upcoming themes below.


We will also place accepted work in one of five sections: For God, For Me, For Us, For Family, or For Community. If you have a preference for where you piece will live, please make note of that in the form.



We will only publish work that is consistent with the standards and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will not publish work that features profanity, disrespect to church leaders, etc.



We accept a variety of written and visual work, including poetry, personal essays, informational articles, experiences, photography, and art that relate to our issue theme. Generally, our articles run 300-1000 words, although we may make exceptions for outstanding work.

We are looking for original, unpublished work. This includes work published on personal blogs and social media. However, if you have previously written or created a piece that you feel strongly would fit the given theme and add great value to the issue, we are open to reviewing it!



If you have a specific theme in mind, Take note of the submission deadlines for each issue. We will respond to all submitters, and you will hear back within one month after the submission deadline.



Please submit all written work as a Google Doc or Word document. Artwork may be submitted as .pdf, jpeg, or .png no larger than 25MB. Please submit files titled as follows [Name_Title_SeasonYear].

If you need to cite sources, please use Chicago Style with footnotes. Purdue has a great free resource. The Church also has a style guide that can help with citation questions. 

Your piece may require editing for length or clarity. Edits will be done in Google Docs and will need to be returned within one week after receiving them.



Accepted submissions will be compensated and receive a contributor's copy of The Collective. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at