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Walking each other home...

If there is anything I know for certain, it is that the greatest source of happiness, the real and lasting kind, is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But I realized, all the pulls for our time attention in today's busy world can easily distract us from this truth. So I took a leap of faith, called it Work + Wonder, and began to follow a vision of creating products that help us engage in the work daily and marvel at the wonders of His gospel.

This little family of mine continues to be the reason I find so much joy in this Gospel. We recently moved to a small town in Idaho with big adventure all around us, and it is quickly becoming our safe haven. My husband, Dave, and I met at Utah State, where I graduated in with a degree in graphic design. After traveling and adventuring through the islands of Hawaii to the mountains of Alaska, the real adventure began when we took on the titles of mom and dad. Driggs (3.5 yrs) and Bronte (1.5 yrs) continue to be the greatest source of light, love, and laughter in our beautifully chaotic lives. 

I am humbled to be an instrument in his hands in both parenting and seeing this community grow!! It has been a joyous experience learning from each of you and growing together in His gospel! I hope you realize the divinity within you, and the god-given potential that we have all been blessed with! We each have a mission, we each have a path before us, but we were not meant to travel it alone. After all, "we're all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass


Hollie Irving

South Jordan, UT | @hollieirvingjournal

Hollie is a pilot wife and a mother to four spunky kids. She loves baking cookies, cooking with cauliflower rice, following anything Magnolia, and eating brunch al fresco. Besides her family, Hollie’s greatest love is creating. She has developed creativity through many different avenues: dance, hair styling, DIY’s, parenting, and many others. Hollie had been searching for ways to use her creative talents for good and for God and has finally found that here at Work+Wonder. She is so excited to share her thoughts and ideas, as well as learn alongside you.


Lorren Lemons

City, State  |  @

Bio coming shortly...


Kali Toone

Grace, ID  |  @mingoandco

Kali is a mother to 2 boys and expecting baby girl in June. She has always had a love for design but felt very limited in small-town Idaho after marrying her handsome dairy farmer. After years of searching for answers to questions about happiness and purpose, Heavenly Father has blessed her with a perspective that appreciates the eternal aspects of life and the beauty of simplicity. Her testimony has grown on small steps, with simple means, and through the love of God. She is very excited to be a part of Work and Wonder and share goodness with all of you!