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When you join The Collective, you join a community that is striving to live the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't just throw a bunch of content your way, we study it with you all season!

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It wouldn't be The Collective if we didn't hear from YOU! We want every issue to be a treasured collection of light and testimonies from our community members, we hope you'll share with us!

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To really bring the content of each season to life, shop the print or digital publication! This is where the good stuff is, the kind that will inspire you to step away from your device and focus on the essential..

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If you're looking for a taste of what The Collective is all about, start here! Each month we'll share 3 takeaways and 1 challenge inspired by the articles found in the current issue! All, of course, following our quarterly themes!

"[We] are to seek after loveliness. We do not seek a veneer painted on by a worldly brush but the pure, innate beauty that God has planted in our souls. We should seek after those things that endow higher thoughts and finer impulses."